About Us

About Nad De Paris 

Influenced by a combination of the founders oriental heritage and western flair. Nad de Paris stands out in the industry thanks to its ever-evolving cutting edge collections

At Nad de Paris, we embrace a global perspective, transcending borders and cultural boundaries. As citizens of the world, we draw inspiration from the diverse tapestry of cultures that surround us. We are committed to sharing our passion with individuals scattered across the planet, ensuring that the essence of Nad de Paris resonates far and wide


Nad Woman

She embodies modern femininity and French chic, the Nad Woman has many facets, she is sophisticated, a bit rebellious and independent. She has this quirky bourgeois side, always at the forefront of fashion. She’s always on-the-go, assertive, and mixes and matches her jewelry according to her desires, owning her style.


Our Story

Born from our founder’s passion and devotion for fashion, particularly jewelry, Nad de Paris was created in the heart of the fashion capital itself—Paris. Infused with the essence of "chic à la Française" harmoniously blended with the founder's oriental heritage rooted in the vibrant city of Beirut, Nad de Paris is the embodiment of crafting unique, trendy, and stylish collections

At the core of Nad de Paris lies a wellspring of inspiration drawn from a wide range of sources, spanning the realms of nature, aesthetics, art, culture, emotions, and the ever-evolving landscape of fashion trends. More often than not, our founder's unique style and inherent sense of fashion serve as the guiding light in the creative process, resulting in collections that resonate with a harmonious blend of influences

When creating the collections, we envisioned the epitome of the Nad Woman: a multifaceted individual that is sophisticated, a bit rebellious and independent with a quirky bourgeois side


Our Savoir faire

Nad de Paris exclusively manufactures its creations with 925 silver and 5 microns gold plated. Meticulously selecting and employing semi-precious stones and chains, we embark on the journey of handcrafting each piece, transforming them into wearable works of art.

Our commitment to utilizing high-quality materials, coupled with our artisanal heritage, creates an original and versatile touch to each design. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every creation is not merely an accessory but a distinctive expression of individuality.

The combination of these noble materials guarantees the authenticity of its works. Each creation is uniquely tailored to complement and resonate with its wearer, making the jewelry an intimate and personalized reflection of style and elegance